Monday, September 26, 2005

Week of Sept. 17- Sept 24 Recap


Saturday Sept. 17 - Andrew and I found a sale going on at the end of the street; an old building that used to be a grocery store. We are directed towards the basement and it was like a fantastic treasure hunt! Tons of old tools and other assorted junk! I was in heaven! Here's what I got for $12:

  • many, many plastic bins to hold our nails, screws, nuts and bolts etc.
  • 1950s retro furiture legs in original packaging
  • two old screen windows
  • an artists lamp
  • three iron things that look like miniature stair cases for an intriguing industrial vignette


That afternoon Andrew and I did some gardening. I planted hostas I got from someone at work for free and Andrew hauled 40 bags of dirt and manure to level out the yard and reseed the lawn.


Later that day I finished my first project for my interior design class. It was a Color Project. We were each handed a piece of fabric and we had to make a monochromatic scheme and a complementary scheme. I did a very fine job if I do say so myself. My project is currently hanging in the hallway at school and I think I will find out my grade tomorrow morning.


Thursday Sept. 22 - The first official dinner catered by the Bob and Andrew Restaurant. My dear friend Bob has teamed up with Andrew for a dinner party idea where people pay to come to a really REALLY good dinner made by Bob and Andrew. The first party was a smashing success! The food was awesome!!


Friday Sept. 23 - Last, but not least, my little stepbrother Danny (I think he's 23??...) shows up on my doorstep at 11 pm. He is on his way to Fort Collins Colorado to try out life in the real world. It was great having him stay with us for a couple days and I am very excited for him. If there is one thing I can learn from Danny it's how NOT to worry. Nothing phases this kid. He flies by the seat of his pants without a care in the world, something I wish I could do more of. His little visit brought back lots of memories of when I moved to Missouri back when I was 23; in my own little red truck (you can see his big, red truck in the background); with all of my belongings in the back. Things turned out pretty darn good for me and I hope they turn out even better for Danny. You have a good heart Danny...follow it and you'll be just fine.

P.S. Thanks for all the good thoughts for my cousin. She had surgery today and it's NOT cancer!!! =) Blessings back out to all of you.

Thursday, September 15, 2005


[Maggie, Summer 2005]

Got home from school around 7:30 tonight and quickly sat down at the dining room table to a fabulous chicken ceasar salad prepared by Andrew. Andrew was busy telling me about the several gallons of Edy's ice cream he bought on sale that was in the freezer (a HUGE reason for gratitude!!) when I took his hands in mine. He looked at me confused and I spontaneoulsy starting saying a "grace" of sorts. "Thank you for this yummy salad; thank you for our dog and cat; thank you for letting me go to school; and please keep our families healthy." Andrew was a bit speechless since we never say grace together. I was a bit surprised too since I ususally feel self-concious about saying grace. Not today though... I have lots to be thankful for.

School rocks!!! I can't believe I waited 6 years for this! I am having lots and lots of fun. Digging through fabric samples with lots of other girls, laughing, talking and helping each other with our first project. Laughing until I cry in my drafting class with my new friend Amy (HI AMY!). Chatting with my Graphics Design teacher about the philosophy of grading students on creativity.

My new job is good too. I work with really nice people and I am learning a lot. It is tiring but it really couldn't be any closer to what I was looking for.

I got fired up with all this gratitude after getting an email from my mom this afternoon about my cousin. She just spent the last couple years battling breast cancer only to find out that it may have spread to her lungs. It's pretty upsetting and I am worried for her and the rest of my family. But it also reminds me that I should appreciate everything I've got right now.....because it might not be here tomorrow.

So I'm writing my thanks here in black and white so I can remind myself what's important when I'm feeling like a spoiled brat. I'm thankful for my home with Andrew, Kula and Della. I'm thankful for my family and I hope they all stay healthy. I'm thankful for all of my friends in St. Louis and all my other friends living far away. I'm thankful for new friends and all the new opportunities to find happiness.

Please spend a second to remember what you are thankful for (shout it out people!) and send a quick jolt of good energy to my cousin.

Peace out!

Monday, September 05, 2005



Well a schedule finally seems to be falling into place, although it is a difficult schedule. I've gone from 9 hour days in the cushy corporate world to 12+ hour days in the student world. Which explains why I haven't had much time to write here. I'm just too tired.

This isn't meant to sound like I am complaining. I LOVE my classes! They are so much fun and I feel way more alive than I have in a long time. I knew that going to school and working part time would not be easy and I knew I would have to make sacrifices. So far it is all worth it.

The worst part of my schedule is the impact on Andrew..... He never sees me! And when I do finally get home I'm ususally so exhausted I'm not much fun to be around. He is a trooper though and is as supportive as ever. Thanks sweetie!

Today was the first day we have had all to ourselves since I started school.

We decided to go to the Missouri Botanical Garden Japanese Festival. This year's speciality was Sumo wrestling. I was worried it might be boring but it was really fun to watch. The two men are from Hawaii, Fats and Tyler. Tyler is the larger one...550lbs. I didn't know anything about Sumo wrestling so it was really interesting. I hope they come back again next year.

And of course we went to see the Taiko drummers which is my favorite every year. LOVE it!
When I get a regular job again and have some free time I would love to find a way to join the local Taiko group. If you ever have the chance to see a group perform I highly recommend it.

Time to read about the history of Greek decorative arts. Hope you are all well.