Thursday, March 31, 2005

Daylight Savings


Finally! Spring is here!

It's been in the 70s the last two days and the sun is shining! I was so depressed last week when it was so gray and rainy, day after day....

I can't wait until Sunday when it is sunny and warm and Andrew and I can take Kula out to play.

It really feels like today should be Friday. I've already worked almost 40 hours this week and I can't stand the thought of having to come back to this cube tomorrow. =(

Don't forget that Daylight Savings is this weekend. We lose an hour of sleep on Saturday night/Sunday morning.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Collage Wednesday


Hey! It’s Collage Wednesday!

This is a collage that I made for my boyfriend Andrew….right before he was my boyfriend.

It was Valentine’s Day weekend February 2003. Andrew and I were still just friends and I went to visit him in NYC. We had a great weekend hanging with friends, visiting museums, eating yummy food….until….the blizzard of 2003 hit NY. We were eating a not so good seafood dinner in Manhattan when the snow started to fall. By the time we came out of the restaurant there was already 2-3 inches of snow on the ground. Now this might not sound like something to panic about…except Andrew’s car is a very tiny Mazda Miata convertible. This car was not made for snow.

It was a very exciting trip out of Manhattan and into Queens where we took our chances trying to make it to the grocery store to stock up in case we got snowed in. The place looked like a war zone!! Crowded with people, empty shelves with no food, I wasn’t quite sure we were going to make it out of there. We gathered supplies for chicken noodle soup, breakfast and snacks and trudged back out to the car.

Now getting home was the highlight of the evening. In order to get back to Andrew’s house we had to take a street that went right up a hill. Mazda Miata convertible + hill + 4 inches of snow = not really going anywhere fast. It was an absolute miracle that we made it up that street and personally I think it was my extra special skill of rubbing the car’s dashboard and screaming sweet nothings at it…”You can do it Tristessa! Go! Go! You can make it!” that got us up that hill.

The whole adventure was a blast and thank goodness we went to the store because 3-4 feet of snow fell on the city that night and we were most definitely trapped in the house….. for an extra 2 days!! The airport was shut down. Everything was shut down.

Out of sheer boredom and cabin fever I started sorting through Andrew’s supply of Wired magazines and this collage was born. It looks kind of awful because the only glue at my disposal was a crazy little bottle of, I don’t even know what, that didn’t work so well.

Beside the fact that the glue was awful I really like this piece. It brings back great memories and was so super spontaneous. It was my gift to Andrew and it hangs in his bathroom with another collage I made for him that I’ll show you next week. The orange border is actually the matting around the collage.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

No time to nap with Della


I’m so busy! I was at work for 12 hours yesterday! This morning I was off to the dentist and tonight Kula needs a serious manicure. Tomorrow night I have to make banana bread for a work pot luck event. Friday I have to stay at work late. Saturday is a Final Four party. I might also be dog sitting for my friend Aileen this weekend and then I have a charity fund raiser event on Sunday. I thought March was going to be slow and boring but it’s the exact opposite. I can’t keep up!

With so much going on I haven’t had any time to quilt or knit…which makes me want to cry. =(

I’m not sure April will be much better. Andrew and I are speeding things up on the house buying adventure and I’m helping my friend Leigh plan for her June wedding.

I have been working on a slipcover for my office chair because if I have to work in corporate America at least I can make my cube have some personality. I’ve finished the top but I am still working on the bottom. You can see part of it in this picture. I’m pleating the orange striped fabric to be a little skirt. I’ll try and take a picture of the top tonight so you can get a better idea of what I’m doing.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Congratulations Keith and Shaili


My good friends Keith and Shaili spent last week camping and canoeing in Arkansas and then arrived in St. Louis last night for a visit on their way home to Wisconsin. Turns out they had a surprise to share. They are having a wedding!!! This is very exciting because Keith and Shaili have been dating a long time and I started to think there would never be a wedding...which is totally cool but...weddings are cool too! I am SO excited to be able to celebrate with them in July, it sounds like it is going to be a very relaxed, fun and wonderful wedding.

So CONGRATULATIONS Keith and Shaili!! It was fabulous to get to see you and I can't wait to see you in July.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Collage Wednesday


Inspired by Amy's "Quilt Monday" I decide that maybe I should try having a "Collage Wednesday". If you hadn't noticed already I added a link over to the right called "collage". I've only added 2 so far but I have more I need to add. I think each week I will try and post a new image of a collage I have made and then add it to the gallery.

This is a piece I made back in 2001. I started making collages out of magazines about six years ago when I first moved to St. Louis Missouri. I LOVE magazines and since I'm CONSTANTLY flipping through magazines I just naturally started ripping out colors, textures and images that spoke to me and creating collages. I actually haven't worked on anything in probably a year but it is always in the back of my head. I have a HUGE box of magazine clippings just waiting to be mixed and matched, cut and pasted into beautiful new creations. I'm hoping "Collage Wednesday" will motivate me to start creating some new pieces. I hope you enjoy seeing my work!

Monday, March 21, 2005


"A feeling of discontent and resentment aroused by and in conjunction with desire for the possessions or qualities of another." [via]

Andrew and I spent 3 hours looking at houses yesterday. We looked at a total of 11. It was quite exhausting and depressing. All the neighborhoods that I want to live in are way too expensive for tiny, TINY houses. Our apartment is bigger than most of these houses!! Last night and this morning I am feeling the weight of “envy” on my shoulders and my spirit and it sucks….

I’ve been feeling a lot of “envy” for the last couple years. Between friends getting married, friends getting new jobs, friends buying HUGE, beautiful houses, and friends having babies I have been feeling quite out of sorts. I don’t like the feeling of envy. It doesn’t make me feel good. I love my friends and I am happy for them…really I am. I just wish I could stop my mind from always comparing and comparing and comparing. The “envy” is heavy and cold and uncomfortable. It makes me feel small and sad and lonely. It plays tricks on me…how will I ever find a house that is as good? How will I ever have a wedding that is as good? Everyone has done it first, so when my turn comes around it will be old and boring. The “envy” won’t let me shake these thoughts.

On 60 minutes last night they had a story about the Moken people who managed to survive the tsunami late last year because they knew how to read the signs of the ocean. The story explored lots of other details of their culture such as the fact that they have no words for hello, goodbye, time, when, or want. How glorious to not know the word want! I want….. Ah..see, caught myself. Would it even be possible to make it through a day without saying the word “want”? Would you be able to notice when you said it?

How do I let go of envy? How do I find contentment in the present moment? How do I experience gratitude for what I already have? Life would be so much sweeter if I could find the answers.

Friday, March 18, 2005



Last night I spent 5 hours! catching up with my dear friend Patricia. It has been a long time since we saw each other last so we had a lot to catch up on. I met Patricia back in 2000 and she is my long lost soul mate! I love to talk to Patricia. She has had an amazing life and I love to listen to all of her stories and advice. There is so much I have to learn from her, such as the benefits of eating crystalized ginger before you eat fruit. Who knew? I must make an effort to see her more often.

I've known Patricia five years but this is the first time I have been to her house! Holy Cow, it's huge!! The most gorgeous, enormous, amazing victorian home in downtown St. Louis. It was so homey and had such a great energy. I'm so glad I was able to see it. Thanks for dinner Patricia! It was wonderful to see you!

Wednesday, March 16, 2005


I found out about a new home magazine coming out next month via design*sponge. It's called Domino. Ironically it is by the publishers of Lucky and I bought my first Lucky last night. I don't think Lucky is really for me though. It was fun, but I'm just not that in to spending thousands of dollars on clothes. I am however in to spending thousands of dollars on designing my living space which might explain why I already subscribed to Domino. (I'm SO addicted to magazines!) Go here for a sneak peek.


Monday, March 14, 2005

Louis Kahn

[via; Esherick House - Chestnut Hill, PA]

We watched the documentary My Architect this evening and it was really spectacular. It was made by the illegitimate son of the famous architect Louis Kahn. I must admit that I didn't know a thing about Kahn before I watched this movie. I had heard good reviews and I have always had an interest in architecture so I thought it would be fun to watch. It's a great film and a very interesting story.

My favorite part though was the end. The director travels to India and Bangladesh to see two of his father's greatest buildings. At each building he spoke to an architect from that country about the building and his father. Both architects commented about this man as if he were enlightened.

The man from India described Kahn as a guru and he believed that Kahn died because he had reached the point of enlightenment. The man from Bangladesh described Kahn as a man full of love, that Kahn had love for everyone. This struck me as another trait of someone who has attained enlightenment. The depth of emotion that both of these men had for Kahn was very touching. It made his story all that more intriguing to me since I have my own guru and I have great respect for anyone who has come close to attaining that level of spirituality.

I don't know if Louis Kahn was enlightened but he definitely had a spirit that touched many people's lives and he created some very beautiful buildings. What a great way to spend a Monday evening.

[via; Indian Institute of Management]

[via, National Assembly Bangladesh]

Sunday, March 13, 2005



I must find a quilting class... I have no idea what I'm doing and I'm quickly losing my patience. Sunday morning I finally figured out a space in the apartment that was big enough for me to lay out the quilt. Once again I forged ahead out of impatience instead of thinking about what I read in my book. I layed down the backing but didn't smooth it out and secure it to the floor. I didn't think to smooth out the batting either. By the time I thought about all of the wrinkles I had already layed down the top piece, smoothed it out and pinned everything together. My solution was to turn the whole thing over, smooth out the backing and repin. Not perfect...but an improvement. Then I starting basting. This is where I really got frustrated. I have no idea if I am doing it correctly and the book isn't much help. And it takes too LONG!!! Who has the patience for all of these steps? At this rate it could take me a week just to baste the quilt! ugh..

I know there is a good lesson in here somewhere... such as, good things come to those who wait... but I'm thinking that a class would be good just so I can find out if there are much easier and faster ways to do all these steps. Maybe quilting is just not for me...

I went to a yoga class on Saturday at the Big Bend Yoga Center. It was my first class in probably 3 years. It was fun. I liked the space it was in and the size of the class. I'm definitely sore today. Now I just have to figure out how to fit it into my schedule on a regular basis. I'm also thinking of training for a half marathon. I've been feeling really old, sore and creaky lately. Joints ache, muscles ache, no energy, etc. I must do something to make my body feel better. I know if I don't get in shape now it will only get harder as the years pass.

This was a movie weekend. We saw Sideways on Friday night which was good. Saturday night we rented The Manchurian Candidate with was also good. Right now Andrew is out watching The Aviator and we have another rental to watch called My Architect.

For now it's time to get back to my basting...

Friday, March 11, 2005


I can not concentrate today. So distracted. Andrew says my Dad's nickname for me.... "Cyclone" is very fitting for how I am behaving today.

So torn between career change and living arrangement change (to buy house or not buy house). Which one to change....? Wanting both... feeling like I can only pick one.

I've mentioned Jen Gray here before but the other day she wrote a FABULOUS poem that sums up my feelings. Sometimes it creeps me Jen shares a brain with me! must go read it.

I found a couple new blogs today. Buzzville [via Wee Wonderfuls] and Crazy for Fiber [via A Bird in the Hand].

Kelly of Buzzville got my attention because she also mentioned the Craft Corner Deathmatch (although it sounds like it isn't very good..) AND because her About page mentions that she was once a scientist AND an interior designer! My dream! So I sent her a long, probably overly personal email begging for her advice and guidance about how she transitioned to interior design. I hope I wasn't scary....and I hope she tells me about her story.

Gerrie of Crazy for Fiber is the mom of 2 crafty daughters... Lisa and Steph. The reason Gerrie caught my attention is that she is also a Cornell Alumni!! Just like me!! I might write her an email too....asking for advice on how she had such a long and varied career; questions on quilt making; and what she misses most about Cornell.

Andrew and I are going to go see Sideways tonight. I hope it takes my mind off things.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Craft Corner Deathmatch

Andrew and his brother Matt.

Thanks for coming to visit Matt and Elena! It was super fun to get to hang out with you guys!

Andrew found some crazy new crafter's show on the style network called Craft Corner Deathmatch. Kind of like Iron Chef but with crafts. I haven't actually watched it yet but it might entertaining.

Loving this homemade dress made from a bedsheet.

Dreaming of taking arts and crafts classes in far away places.

Obsessing over modbird #8.

Happy 2 years and 1 day sweetie...


2 years jr. high
4 years high school
4 years college etc. friendship
6 years post college friendship
1 year of dating between NYC and St. Louis
1 year of living together in a crappy suburban apartment
Lots of love and happiness =)

I think 2005 is gonna be a big year for us. We've been doing a lot of talking, arguing, thinking, dreaming and planning about a house many months now. I think this is the year we will take the plunge. A BIG and SCARY commitment but also a FUN and EXCITING new chapter to add to our long history together.

I can barely get through each day as I count down to when you will actually let me go and look at a house! I'm so focused on May 1st!! When I read Andrea's blog the other day it reminded me that I need to stay focused on the moment so I don't lose 2 months of my life waiting for something in the future. I know the next few months will be nerve racking and challenging (as your tummy proved this evening...) but I hope we can enjoy this time and relish in the excitment and anticipation instead of letting the fear get he better of us.

Love you... XXOO =+

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Happy Maha Shivaratri


(lit., night of Shiva) The night of the new moon in late February that is especially sacred to Lord Shiva. Devotees repeat the mantra Om Namah Shivaya throughout the night; on this night each repetition is said to equal the merit of a thousand repetitions. (via

I hope all of your lives are filled with a thousand blessings.

AND Congratulations to Stefanie and Patrick who welcomed Samuel Patrick Russo into the world on Saturday! He was 3 weeks early!

Monday, March 07, 2005

I spy a very expensive quilting machine!

I hate when Flickr is having a massage! It is no fun posting to the blog without pictures. HoHum....

Amy Karol posted another one of her quilts this morning. Apparently she is going to make Monday Quilt day. I really like this one, much more than the first one she posted. I must say though that I am quite jealous that she has access to a Gammill. I mean just doesn't seem fair that she can probably quilt a queen size blanket in an hour and it may take me weeks to do it by hand....maybe months! I have no idea really since I've never done it...but obviously the machine would be faster.

I was trying to get a feel for what Gammills cost...and this one on eBay is going for around $7800!!! Isn't that insane! I must do some research and see if there is a store or a club around here who rent time on a Gammill. That would be ideal. I have so many ideas for quilts but I'm daunted by the thought of how long it will take to make each one.

My sister-in-law asked me this morning if I would be interested in making quilts for my nieces. I've thought about this before but never felt like I had a good idea for a pattern. She had a great idea that she got from her friend Kim. An "I Spy" quilt where each block is a different object or character and you can play I Spy with the kids on the quilt. She is gonna look for some fabric for the objects and send it to me and then I'll fill in the rest. I'm totally excited but I just hope it doesn't take me forever to do the quilting.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Working for the man


Reading Amy Karol's site this morning I found out that one of my favorite quilt designers, Denyse Schmidt, has sold out to the Man. Apparently she is designing mass produced quilts for Crate and Barrel.

Don't get me wrong. I love the quilt she designed and I love the price but something about it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Amy talks about this too. Part of the attraction of hand-made, crafted goods is the fact that they are hand made. That they are individual, special, one-of-a-kind. That an artist put in blood, sweat, tears and time to make that unique item. The simple fact that every other person in America can buy the same quilt from Crate and Barrel makes it unattractive. I'd rather just make my own.

Then again...I love Crate and Barrel and I'm sure Denyse could use the financial support from such a deal....but it just feels like she is selling out. I'm quickly learning that ideals don't pay the bills.... sad, sad, sad.

Another taste of reality... turns out freelancing isn't all it's cracked up to be. Alex and Amy have both given up on freelancing and are returning to the 9-5 world. I realize freelancing works for some people...but I think your talent ratio has got to be out of this world to make a living. Then again I think Alex and Amy are both SUPER talented, so I'm kind of surprised it didn't work for them. Maybe there are other factors at play? Unfortunately it doesn't really give me any confidence that I could make a living from my art if the others I admire can't make it either.

Then again, there is Jenny, whose husband just left his job to help her with her website Frecklewonder fulltime. She has more business then she knows what to do with!

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Orchids, Morocco, and how birds will save the world

Sorry I've been so quiet lately. Just focused on other things I guess.

I finished sewing the top and bottom of my quilt. Now comes the basting and the hand-quilting. It will have to wait until next weekend because things are too busy at the moment.

Tonight I go to a Cornell Club function (Cornell University is my alma mater) with my friend Denice. It's a talk by Dr. John Fitzpatrick, the Director of the Laboratory of Ornithology at Cornell (where I used to work in college). He is speaking on "How Birds Will Save the World-Biodiversity Conservation in the Internet Age". I miss Cornell, I miss the Lab of O, and I miss talking about science so I'm looking forward to the evening. Denice has worked with birds in the past too so I figured she would be interested in going. It's our "girl's geeking out" night.

Friday night is dinner at John and Leigh's to see Leigh's pictures from her recent 2 week trip to Morocco!

Saturday is a house warming party at my friend Moose's new place and then Andrew's brother Matt and his girl Elena show up for a visit.

Sunday we will show Matt and Elena the town. Probably the Botanical Garden for the Orchid show.

Monday, more hanging out with Matt and Elena.

Tuesday is Maha Shivaratri so I will be at the Perry's house to celebrate.

And finally Wednesday is my 2 year anniversary with Andrew. (=+ honey...)

So, as you can see....busy, busy. With guests in the house my "studio" is basically out of commission. I'll have to switch off the quilt and back on to the knitting project.

Don't forget that tonight is the Season 4 premiere of America's Next Top Model!!

Tuesday, March 01, 2005