Sunday, September 17, 2006

Karole's wedding

KWed 144a
Attended Karole and Bruce's wedding last night. Karole is one of my Siddha Yoga friends. See that lei around Bruce's might see a couple of those again sometime next year....

KWed 185a
Karole had a friend do henna on her hands and feet...SO BEAUTIFUL! They did a really good job. Bruce's name is hidden in there somewhere. This is something else you might see sometime next year....

KWed 188a
Gary cuts up a rug with Melelani and Andrew creates ambiance with bubbles.

KWed 151a
Our beautiful friend Nidhi rocks Gary and Cate's baby Leah to sleep.

KWed 174a
Me and sweet, sweet Denise the matriarch of my little siddha yoga group. She had a second heart attack this week!!! Pushing herself to0 hard at work! Thank God is she ok but we are all trying to convince her that it is time to retire and take it easy.