Sunday, October 28, 2007

3rd Annual Tour de Moose

First some background: The Tour de Moose was started by Moose (a.k.a. Kevin) as a way to celebrate his birthday. It is a 20 mile bicycle "race" through south city neighborhoods and downtown St. Louis traveling between Moose's favorite neighborhood bars. At each bar there is an activity (contest) with a prize and you are awarded 30 seconds off your overall time for each beer that you drink. There are several trophies to win including the "taking it easy" award for the slowest time; the "most moosed out" award for the most moose decorations; the "crash and burn" award for the best bike crash of the day, etc.

This year Andrew and his friend Jeff decided to step it up a notch by renting a quadcycle. This was a very ambitious endeavour considering the quadcycle only has ONE gear and is HEAVY! Andrew and Jeff were troopers and only had to get out once to take turns pushing the cycle up one long difficult incline. They decorated the quadcycle to the nines, including a mini Heineken keg. Andrew and Jeff won TWO trophies, the best decorated bike and the "kick-ass" award (obviously won for riding a quadcycle!)

I, on the other hand, attempted to knock Reverend Bob from winning the "Taking it Easy" award for the third year in a row. Unfortunately it didn't work (that pesky Bob!) but I did win the tricycle race at the TapRoom! 15 seconds! Woohoo!

It was a gorgeous, sunny fall day and it was really a great time. The tour once again doubled in size this year, up to almost 60 riders. We even had people show up to ride who none of us knew. I think a Tour committee is being formed to consider changes to be made to accommodate so many riders. The end of the tour party was a bit unruly.

Andrew and I are considering recumbent bikes for next year. Andrew wants to decorate his like a rocket.

You can view more pictures of the tour here, here and here.

It's our wedding date! June, 23!

Me (in my official Tour shirt), Leslie, baby Madeline, Denice and Nancy

Gina, the Most Moosed Out and MOOSE!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Baby Update

Andrew was in New Jersey last week and met Baby Zach and delivered the little knitted cap I made for him. A bit big but it was supposed to is sized for a 1-2 year old. Hopefully it will fit better in the spring when he will really need it.

I love this photo....Zach looks pissed!

  • Baby Landsbaum has given us two false alarms. His mom says that they may have to induce very soon. (You are in our thoughts and our 'strength' candle is ready!)
  • Baby Jaiswal had a shower a couple weeks ago. I am still finishing her knitted blanket. I have only a couple more rows to go, but I ran out of I think it will be done in another week.
  • Baby Rainsford is due Nov. 19. Mom looks good and she thinks the baby will come early just like the first one did.
  • I haven't heard any updates on Baby Huypen lately. I can't remember her due date but it has to be soon.
  • Baby Scott is expected in February and mom is doing well. She has the cutest little belly in the entire world!
  • and there is another expected baby to add to the list (NOT MINE!) but I'm not sure if the mom-to-be is ready for me to advertise yet, so I'll wait for another time.
Holy cow!! That is a lot of babies!! I guess I have some more knitting and quilting to do.

I'm off to Florida for the rest of the week for work but when I get back it is time for the Tour de Moose! It will be my first time participating and I have a feeling that I am going to be exhausted from traveling but I'm sure it will be a good time. Look for photos next week.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

America's Next Formica Model

Wow, life has been busy.

My first week of work I was thrown in with both feet, working on several projects right from the start. On top of learning the ropes I decided to take care of 4 chihuahuas while my friends were out of town. Don't let their cute faces fool you....they wore me out!

Daphne, the princess

Chico, the elder

Jimmy, the shaky one

Oliver, the trouble maker!

After the chihuahuas it was on to making a dress out of Formica. Yes, I said a dress out of Formica. In the first hour of my new job I was asked to fill in as a model for a fellow designer who had broke her ankle. The IIDA (International Interior Design Association) has a fashion show that consists of design teams matched up with manufacturers. We were paired with Formica. Since I had the most time and the best sewing skills I ended up making a lot of the dress myself.

I am sad to say that my dress was the most amateur dress at the event. I was disappointed that I didn't have the time to make something more spectacular but in the end I was mostly concerned about making sure that the owner's daughter, who modeled with me, had a good experience and a lot of fun.

Here are my favorites:

This is carpet!

Life isn't slowing down in October:
  • I am traveling for work the next two weeks, Indianapolis and Floridaa.
  • Oct. 20 is the third annual Tour de Moose (which will be my first! since I am not working on Saturdays anymore, woohoo!) (website built by Andrew!)
  • I am also still taking a class on Tuesday nights and doing my homework on Saturdays.
  • My maid of honor is moving into the neighborhood on Oct. 26 and we will be helping them settle in.
  • Baby Landsbaum is expected any day now! We will be cooking meals for the parents, trying to keep them strong and rested.
Enjoy your October!