Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Spring is here!

Sorry I've been MIA... Last week was mid terms and I was drawing, drafting, coloring, cutting and gluing up to my eyeballs! It's all over now and I'm relaxing...looking at the daffodils in the back yard.


I forgot to take photos of my boards before I handed them in but here is a little glimpse.

This project didn't get the response my last one did...=( Guess you can't be the star in the class every time. I really liked parts of my project..I was a little bummed that it didn't get more compliments... I'll post pictures when I get it back.

Our next project is my first commercial project. At first glance it seems a bit overwhelming...and I'm not that excited about it. I hope it gets better though because I think it would be easier to go into the commerical industry rather than the residential industry.

Andrew is busy planning our garden for the backyard. We have WAY more seeds than we know what to do with. He built some fabulous raised garden beds.

That's it for now...


Peg said...

Wow - look at that lawn! Andrew did a great job of reseeding the lawn. Is that daffodil a leftover from the garden we dug up?

The drawings look great. Your cousin, Samantha, takes after you. She puts a lot of "effort" into school projects. I'll have to post a picture of the Mardi Gras mask I helped her make.

Anonymous said...

Once you get good at something - people raise their expectations. When I play golf and shoot 82 instead of 72 people say, "What's wrong?" Hell, the game is hard.

Keep going - your doing excellent