Friday, April 28, 2006

April 28, 2006

This is what I was greeted with when I came home from work today....

I thought Andrew was trying to cheer me up from a crappy day.... turns out he was...but not how I expected.

He was on one knee and I said yes... here's the bling that sealed the deal! =) Andrew had it designed just for me...... ("one of a kind, like my girl" he says....) =)

To top it all off Bob and Steph graciously organized a last minute celebration that was totally awesome! All my favorite foods were there.... cheese burgers, macaroni salad, cheetos, mac & cheese and shirley temples!!! Steph was up until 2 AM making the most incredible cake!! It was fabulous and hopefully she won't have to stay up that late to make our wedding cake! Thanks Bob and Steph and thanks to all our friends who came to celebrate with us. It was truly special to have you all there!!


P.S. Happy Anniversary to Andrew's parents!


Anonymous said...

Holy crap...Congratulations!! We're so happy for you both and wish you nothing but shits and giggles (with a side of good fortune and much love) for the rest of your lives.

All our love,
Adam, Kelly & Gisele

Michael said...

May all your future days be as happy as the previous. May the long road of your life together allow you both to grow and love beyond anything you could of imaged on your own. We are very, very excited for both you and Andrew.

Best wishes and all of our love,
Michael, Courtney, Ashlin, Megan, Aidan and Gumbo

shaili said...

Congratulations! That's fantastic, I'm really happy for you both.

keith said...

way to go. excellent

Maggie said...

Congratulations Sara and Andrew!!!!!!

chasmyn said...


Arnaud said...

Well, well,

If you allow me to quote my own mind while reading the article:

- Andrew got reasonable at last...

- That's for sure, he did it with real style!!!

- It's a marvellous and so important baby step towards starting discorvering each other...

- go on! A full life ahead...

- next steps???

Congratulation !!!

Tom, Jules, Delphine & Arnaud