Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Business of Being Born

So life is crazy busy.... I'm not complaining but my social calendar is very full, which makes blogging difficult, since I'm not home most evenings.

Here is what I've been doing:
  • I watched the documentary "The Business of Being Born" twice this weekend. It was excellent! I'm sure some will say it is biased but for someone that is considering having kids I thought it was very enlightening. If you are of child-bearing age and you don't know much about the baby "system" of hospitals, I highly recommend this movie.
  • I have started a new blog obsession...green building/remodeling...(please see right hand column.) I am studying to take the LEED exam and we also just found out that our new neighbors are doing a green renovation to another house in the neighborhood. Andrew and I are dreaming about doing our own green renovation someday so I'm gung-ho to get educated.
  • I made a new baby quilt....except I don't want to show it to you until the new owner gets it. Wait in suspense.
  • I am reading "The Memory Keeper's Daughter".
  • Oh, and Saturday Andrew and I went to hear Martin Sexton on his latest tour and it was awesome!! It was just him and a guitar, which is how I heard him the first time. He is extremely talented....and he is from my "home"...NY. When he mentioned Syracuse I gave a loud hoot and got all home sick. Check him out.
That's it for now! I have to eat dinner, take Andrew out to buy the new Grand Theft Auto game before he bursts and then learn some more about LEED.



Timothy said...

Best of luck with your LEED certification training. We need more trained advocates of green building!

Sarah said...

are you enjoying the book? I almost bought it to read this summer during vacation.

shaili said...

I also thought the documentary was well done. What I liked most was the collection of imagines of women giving birth that are so different from standard TV and movie childbirth scenes. Women surrounded by their lives with a few extras for the imminent arrival. If you ever want to talk about homebirth - Keith and I were thrilled to have Sena at home.