Friday, April 01, 2005

sad day


What a sad, sad, sad day.... Andrew no longer has access to AOL Instant Messenger. =(

This may sound silly but I am really devastated. Andrew and I have been talking online 5 days a week for almost 6 years (minus 10 months when we were being stupid and having a tiff). I seriously don't know if I can function at work without being able to chat with him all day?

I'm sure you are all thinking.."Oh will get more done at work! You shouldn't be talking online all day anyway!" You are probably right....but having Andrew online has always been a security blanket for me... It was a HUGE part of how we communicated everyday. We had our own language, our own humor, our own little daily dance over the big, bad, world wide web.

Each day started by logging on, opening IM and giving a little "xxoo" to my sweetie. No more "xxoo".... no more "=+".... no more instant fun, laughter, support and love..... sad....


Andrew said...



XO (an one to grow on)

chasmyn said...

Oh, that sucks! Why is it gone?

Anonymous said...

That is a bummer. Those little notes just create the feeling of staying in touch and its like a teddy bear. It ain't as good - but, will you use e-mails?

Courtney said...

I can relate. Michael and I were the same way. I miss the IMs.