Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Andrew's new boyz club

Here's Andrew.... cleaning up our neighbor's yard...with his 2 new friends.


That's our neighbor Tim in the green sweat pants.

The other guy is Jack. He lives on the other side of Tim. He has lived in his house for 60 years...since he was 5 years old.

They are both very sweet neighbors.


Jack has an old golden retriever named Sam who is 14 years old. Every day Jack walks Sam past our house and tries to catch Andrew out in the yard or on the front porch. We've learned some great stuff from Jack, such as the fact that the previous owner used to be on our roof all the time...indicating that we should be able to get on our roof without a ladder. Turns out we can get on our roof, which is a great relief since we were tired of being at the mercy of corrupt contractors.

Jack asked Andrew to join his raquetball group, made up of 4 guys...the youngest 60 and the oldest 82! Andrew talked his way out of it. I think he should give it a try.


CrabbyPants said...

You forgot that Jack was a high school teacher, a delivery man of some sort, and a PROFESSIONAL WRESTLER.

chasmyn said...

A should totally join the racketball group - it would be so cool!