Friday, October 07, 2005

boyz club gone bad

It would appear I spoke too soon about our friendly old neighbors. When I came home last night I entered the yard to find tree branches laying on our lawn. I assumed maybe Andrew had done some tree grooming again while I was gone. But once I got inside Andrew informed me that he was not the one who cut the tree branches. Um.... so that means....some crazy person came into our yard and cut branches off our tree and left them laying in our yard.....

Andrew suspects Jack considering he is the one who we borrowed the tree trimmer from and he is obsessively working on our immediate neighbors yard. Supposedly he was back there all day bringing in soil and flowers and such....parking in our lot to unload his car.

I suppose I shouldn't jump to conclusions. Maybe it wasn't Jack. But if it was I feel disappointed. I liked Jack and I thought it was sweet that he liked to spend time with Andrew. Now I think he might just be a batty old stalker. Owning a home brings on such weird emotions of possessiveness and protection. From someone stealing our mail to cutting down our trees...I feel equally violated. We had such a quiet few months in our home and now it feels like just one thing after another has been happening to make this experience bitter. I hope this isn't a trend that continues for much longer.


CrabbyPants said...

Problem Solved.

shaili said...

Violation is right. I was gone for a half hour yesterday and came back to find a major branch of our three year old peach tree broken off. The only explanation I think of is some one pulling on it walking by. It means a third of the tree is gone and who knows if the tree will really survive. You can't glue the branch back on - so you have to let it go - but the investment (in this case mostly emmotional in my dreams and hopes for peaches, and savoring every bit of the 4 we had this year) is pretty intense.