Thursday, November 03, 2005

October Update

[Halloween 2005]

Wow! Almost a whole month has past since I wrote last. I'm not going to apologize though... I'm having a blast and it is nice to be so busy that I don't have time to blog.

School is super, super awesome. Pretty much everyday that I am there I think about how totally blessed I am to be there and how thankful I am to have the opportunity. I love being in "college" again! It rocks! I'm doing well in all my classes, making friends and learning lots. I have another big project due on Tuesday so hopefully I can find some time to post pictures before I hand it in.

Andrew is doing well also. Getting in to lots of trouble when I'm not around (which is alot!)....

Here is exhibit A:

One afternoon he decided to build a compost bin in the backyard. I bet you didn't know you could fit lumber into a Mazda Miata.

Here is exhibit B:

He is WAY into making beer. This is exciting because he seems really into it and that makes me happy. I love when he gets excited about new hobbies. The first batch was a learning experience and was sacrificed halfway through....but batch #2 starts on Monday and I think it will be a delicious success.

Speaking of delicious success....
[Bob and Andrew, Restaurant #1, September 2005]

Andrew has also been busy running "Restaurant" with Bob. They had dinner #2 just last weekend and it was just as awesome as the first. It was a harvest menu with persimmon salad, squash risotto and carmalized pears for dessert. We even had a bigger crowd this time. I think dinner #3 is already in the works.

Since things were going so well I knew my karma had to even out eventually and last weekend was it.

Here's Cujo (a.k.a. Kula the Killer dog).

She started out my lovely Friday morning by BITING OFF part of the neighbor's dog's ear. I had to spend the rest of my morning at the emergency room paying for stitches for poor 14 year old Sam. Needless to say Cujo,..I mean Kula, will never be taking a trip to the dog park.

The next morning it got worse. I found out a friend of the family committed suicide. In some ways it was not a surprise because Bobby had suffered from manic depression for a long time but on the other's just not news you ever want to hear. It really shook me up because I have known Bobby since I was 3. He lived across the street from me growing up. His two daughters babysat me; his son Mike played ice hockey with my older brother Mike; and he was one of my Dad's best friends. When he wasn't depressed Bobby was one of the funniest and most entertaining people you could ever hope to be around. Everyone loved him and I did to. It was a rough weekend thinking about Bobby and his family and thinking about the friend my Dad lost. But in the end I know that Bobby is in a better place and I know that I will always have lots of happy memories of him in my heart. We'll miss you Bobby.

Despite the universe knocking me on my ass over the weekend I don't want to end this blog on a bad note.

Andrew's birthday is coming up (on Monday) and we have a romantic getaway coming up soon.

CONGRATULATIONS to Arnaud and Delphine (my friends in Belgium) on their new baby boy, Tom. I've joined my new friend Amy's Stitch n' Bitch group which has inspired me to start knitting baby blanket #4. I'm hoping I can get it done for little Tom by Christmas.

My Graphic Design teacher asked to show one of my projects at a state wide art teachers conference and I've got one of my drafting projects hanging in the hall. Yesterday I attended my first ASID (American Society of Interior Designers) event, 2006 Color Forecast. The highlight was getting my own big paint wand that has all the Sherwin Williams paint chips colors in it!!! How awesome is that! Now I can pick out colors in the comfort of my own home!

Well, it's time to catch up on some more things around the house. I'll try not to stay away from the blog so long this time.



chasmyn said...

It's so great to hear you sounding so happy and busy! I love the updates, even if they're infrequent. I'll have to take a photo of Kier in his blanket, too, because it warms him every night (the one you made). I love it. We miss you terribly. Hugs to you both!

Amy said...

Hey dude, thanks for the shout out on the blog. I know you are destined for the wall again! You rule.

Peg said...

Yes, it was very sad news about Bob and he will be missed by everyone who ever knew him.

Definitely post some pictures of your projects - we all want to see what you've been doing! Your still an A student!

Can't wait to see you at Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Its just plain fun to hear what you and Andrew are up too. Yes, that karma stuff has a habit of finding a balance over time. The good, the bad and the ugly. But, I try every day to find some of that good stuff and compared to what's going on elsewhere in the world I'm blessed with lots of good! Love ya -

chasmyn said...

I finally got a photo of your blanket up - now thw weather is finally warranting more blanket use.

I need your email address please.