Tuesday, February 14, 2006



Well it's been a whirlwind of a week for me. Sorry I haven't written sooner. I've had four interviews in the last week; a furniture store, Design Within Reach, a temp job with Professional Office Environments, and a hardwood flooring showroom. Good news is I was offered one today and I took it... The bad news is (if you can call it bad news...) is I got a call for another interview next Tuesday. My Dad will tell me that I should be glad...this is a "good problem to have..." somehow I still feel awful. The guy at the new job is awesome...very nice and there is even a yellow lab there!!!! I start Saturday. (I can't believe I have to work Saturday! I've gotten used to having weekends again...) But... I can't wait to have money again! Yeah!!

So other than job hunting I've been throwing myself into my school work. This is my first project for Interior Design II that I handed in on Monday. The point of this project was to learn how to draw one-point and two-point perspectives.

Here's the whole board:

This is the one-point perspective:

This is the two-point perspective:

Now not to toot my own horn or anything..... but I've gotten a crazy response to this board! My classmates gushed over it; telling me that they didn't want to stand up in front of the class and put their board next to mine; my teacher said great things about it; the other Interior Design II teacher used it as an example for her class.

When I saw my own teacher in the hall this afternoon she complimented me again on a good job and she mentioned entering my board into an Interior Design competition my school is hosting this spring. =) I think this would be pretty exciting. Although I don't really expect to win, but it's nice to be considered.

I've been really obsessed with school. I worked on floorplans for 5 hours last night....when I didn't really have to. And then I didn't sleep all night....dreaming about floorplans. More hours spent on a different floorplan this afternoon. Maybe I suck at floorplans if it is taking me this many hours. Then again I just like to think that I'm a perfectionist....and I like working on them.

Andrew has been busy brewing more beer.

His latest experiment has been making a "starter"....what I call growing yeast. Did you know that yeast get so crazy feeding on sugar that they create their own current? Go yeast! Next beer is ready this weekend and two more are brewing. And more kegs are on the way to our house!!! I bet my brother never dreamed I would live with a brewer. Maybe this will get him to visit me.

Kula is busy napping....in my vintage Milo Baughman chair. Della is busy meowing. Well I'm off to work on more floorplans.....or clean the house, which is a disaster area..... or watch the olympics.

Happy Valentine's Day


Anonymous said...

Lord knows where this will all lead - but you deserve 11 out of 10 points for chasing your dream. And don't be soooo humble, you have some real talent for design (you're #1 or #2 in your class) and you will do some cool things. Full speed ahead - go get'm!!!!!

Dana Vance said...

Sara K! I would love to get back in touch, but got emails back from the address I have--now I know why after reading your blog! Great designs, and I'm so glad you're back in school.