Tuesday, May 30, 2006

First Impressions

Okay.... work with me here.... This is what the front porch used to look like. This picture was taken about a month after we moved in, June 2005. (can you believe we've been here a year!!) Notice the very, VERY ugly and filthy brass, colonial porch light. Also notice the very tacky, fake lead house numbers and flowers on the side window. (You can't see the numbers because they are behind me.... but trust me. They are ugly.)

Here is the porch now. New porch light and frosted glass with numbers. Much improved I say! Next step is a new door. (I am dying for a new door!!! I hate this door.)

Here is what Andrew has been doing with his time.

House before:

House After:
A finished stone wall on both sides of the stairs, hostas on each side of the landing, two new boxwood shrubs (via bob and steph's yard when they were making room for the new hot tub) and ivy in the rest. Can't wait until the ivy fills in.



Peg said...

Looks great! You'll need to keep the weeds out until that ivy grows in! Love the new wall - will Andrew come and build one in front of my house?

Anonymous said...

I re-read your profile. Thirty something, 3rd career,living with boy, dog, etc... and trying to enjoy the journey. That is a cool perspective. Its all about enjoying the journey each and every day. I've got to remind myself of that truth - more frequently!