Sunday, June 04, 2006

Summer clean-up

I've been doing some clean-up here at the blog. I posted a new picture over on the right in my profile. I also broke up my links into people I know online, daily inspiration, design blogs and interior design. The inspiration and design blogs are ones I visit everyday.

Wedding plans are on their way. Andrew and I are going to look at two places this week. I spent all day yesterday at work looking for photographers. Holy cow they are expensive!!! I'm also trying to work out a design for our invitations etc.

My summer school class starts tomorrow....yucko. It's pre civil war American history. I don't like history. Hopefully Andrew's love of history will help me get through the class in one piece.


chasmyn said...

So when will the wedding be?

Maggie said...

Sara, let me ask around MasterCard. There used to be someone here who was a photographer on the side. Everyone said he did a great job.