Sunday, March 23, 2008

Toy Story

So, I managed to find a new obsession this weekend....

I've been really stressed out the last week and Andrew thought I needed some retail therapy so Saturday we went on one of our antique outings. At the second place we went to I saw a small bead maze and I thought, "Hey! We really need some toys in the house for all of our friends' kids...let's get this!" And then two steps later I found a vintage Fisher Price dog pull I grabbed that too. You see where this is going....

The next antique mall we really scored.... vintage playskool stacking thing, blocks, cobbler bench, camera, puzzle and vintage phone! It was awesome! There is nothing better than going to an antique mall looking for something specific and finding it.

We also got a vintage Fisher Price xylophone but we gave that to Jeff and Leslie for baby TBA... since Jeff is a xylophone player... it was the only sensible decision.

So now this new obsession has transferred itself to ebay (I'm trying to keep the high going!). It is so sad.... and expensive!

Now... the only thing I have bought so far is a vintage 1980 Fisher Price Dump Truck... (remember this mom??)

Sadly it is missing the front shovel piece but it was the only one I could find. I also bought one of the little men who go in the truck.

Now for those of you who think this it is odd that my first ebay vintage toy purchase would be a dump truck ....take a look at this....

THAT'S ME! On the side of the box! Playing with the dump truck! I was 2 and a half. Pretty sweet huh? I can't wait to get this truck!

Stay tuned for more vintage toy purchases.... Goodbye purses.. hello toys!


Peg said...

Looks like you bought some real treasures.

I hate to tell you this, but I still have the truck that you are pictured with in my attic! I also have your Cabbage Patch dolls and an Ewok! So - check with me before you buy something on ebay.

Sara said...

Good lord mom! on eBay, sell on eBay...there has got to be someone else looking for a 1980s Fisher Price Dumptruck, right? So..when will you get mine in the mail?

amy & jeff said...

You are totally a celeb! That is awesome! I just got a big bag of old toys from my mom and it was SO FUN going through them.