Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Happy birthday to me...la, la, la....blah..... I think that's about all the celebrating I need this year. I mean really....who can get excited about 31? Well I mean one exciting part is that my mom got me a parallel rule so I can draft at home!! WOO HOO!

[Me, Maggie and Mikaela; The December Birthday Girls....Dec. 20, Dec. 31 and Dec. 13]

We just got back last night from NY and celebrating Christmas with my family. The trip there was not so smooth. We flew to Chicago just fine....but the plane from Chicago to Buffalo got cancelled. Thanks to Andrew's connections with several rental car companies we were able to get a car that we could drive one way to Buffalo. It took 2 hours just to get out of Chicago during rush hour and then another five hours to Cleveland. We stopped to sleep a bit at a hotel and finished the 3 hours to Buffalo in the morning. After a quick stop to see my mom's new cat it was back in the car for another 2 hours to Syracuse. Whew!

It was all worth it though. My nieces are cute and hilarious with a bit of exhaustion mixed in. My mom and I laughed so hard we cried...twice. The trip was great! Just nice being with my family. Thanks to my brother and sister-in-law for taking such good care of us while we were there. Thanks to my mom for driving us around and taking us to Charlie the Butcher on our way home.

[The girls love their "I-spy" quilt]

[Me and Mikaela sledding in the backyard. They got 8 inches of snow the night before we got there...]

[The girls getting ready for the Christmas paegant at church. SO CUTE!!!]

The trip home was uneventful (thank goodness). A special HUGE thank YOU!!! to Bob and Steph for watching Kula and Della while we were gone. I've never seen Kula so happy when we've come back from being away. =) It was such a relief to know she was being taken care of by good friends.

Well...I suppose since this is my first big day off since school ended I should do something productive. I'm off to clean the house....and maybe sew some stockings.

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