Monday, September 17, 2007

Out with the knitted baby blanket

Over the last couple years I have knitted many, many baby blankets. Don't get me wrong I have enjoyed each and every one, but it was time to move on to something new. Plus I was sitting around at home without a job and I needed something to focus on.

Therefore I decided that Baby Landsbaum was going to get a baby quilt instead of a knitted baby blanket. I started it about a month ago...but of course, as soon as I started it life decided to get busy.

Amazingly I was able to finish it just a few hours before the baby shower started. (Whew!) It was my very first complete quilt, start to finish. I machine quilted it and the binding was finished by hand. I must say I really loved the end result and I was almost sad to see it go...but I know it will be in a good home with a great family and I will get to visit it often.

The pattern was from Denyse Schmidt Quilts.


chasmyn said...

It is beautiful, as is everything you make. We still have the amazing blanket you knitted for Kiernen, and we used it a LOT! I keep it in a safe place and never intend to give it up. Perhaps Kiernen can hand it down to his progeny one day - a family heirloom!

Peg said...

You do beautiful work and I's my favorite color! It looks great!