Monday, September 03, 2007

Wedding Extravaganza 2

We are back from our wedding weekend in Charlotte. It was a long weekend of manicures, motorcycles, food, family and dancing! It was so nice to get a chance to visit with Andrew's family since we didn't get a chance at our own wedding.

Matt and Elena got married in the sweetest little church.
Here is the beautiful bride with her Grandmother who came all the
way from Romania for the wedding.

Here is the groom (my brother-in-law) with his parents.

At the reception the "cousin's" table wasted no time ordering rounds of shots. Once the dance floor opened it was non-stop dancing, shaking and singing! I had a total blast and let loose. I got several comments the next day about my dancing skills. I guess Andrew's family really hasn't seen me "party" before. (I was sober, of course... I had one beer and one glass of champagne).
I can't wait for a cousin reunion!

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