Sunday, February 24, 2008

Taco flavored kisses...

First, Congrats to my sister-in-law and her boyfriend who just got engaged this weekend! Very exciting that we will have another official addition to the family and another party for all the cousins to dance, sing and partake of many, many tequila shots.

Friday we found a great new Mexican restaurant El Paisano where we celebrated Leslie's birthday, complete with a personal mariachi serenade.

It was followed by bowling and an impromptu modeling session with Wendy's sweet hat.

Check out my new specs!!!

Saturday was my dear, sweet Australian friend Sonya's baby shower. Baby expected early April.

Sunday was tea with Leigh, my other dear, sweet friend who is expecting, at The London Tea Room. I love this place!

Weekends go too fast....


Christopher said...

thanks, looks like you'll be the sole owner of the Sara Veety title in summer '09.

aka: the boyfriend, err .. fiance

Sarah said...

Thanks! We need to have a conversation soon on how I can use black and pink (and maybe some silvery-gray) without looking like a tacky 16 year old! I hope you guys can make our party in April!


Anonymous said...

I DISAPPROVE of that picture of me. Really. I do.