Tuesday, February 08, 2005

On my own

Well I've finally got the place to myself... (just kidding sweetie). Andrew is off to NYC for work this week so I'm on my own. This always means lots of bad cooking or as I like to call it "all of my favorites". Tonight was Velveeta Mac and Cheese night. I ususally feel awful afterward...but something about it is totally addictive for me. Tomorrow will probably be pasta with goat cheese and Thursday is DiGiornio pizza for my Stitch and Bitch party. By Saturday I'm sure my digestive system will be screaming for joy at Andrew's return.

Hilary has renewed my interest in the quilt I started about 2 years ago. I dug it out last night and started calculating the last few pieces that I need to cut out. I'm hoping I will have time to work on it tomorrow.

Tonight is the finale of The Amazing Race! This is one of my favorite shows that I watch faithfully but good thing it is ending because March 2 is the beginning of my other favorite show America's Next Top Model!

Work is super busy and super stressful which also always seems to happen when Andrew goes to NYC. Tomorrow I get to present to a bunch of people from Nigeria.... I hope it goes ok.

Here are some things I have been obsessing over lately:

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