Thursday, February 24, 2005

quilting obsession


So I'm obsessed with the thought of quilts this week. I don't know why, but I can't stop thinking about quilts. This morning when I should have been getting ready for work I was drawing sketches of quilt squares. The whole time I'm obsessing I'm also struggling with confidence. The classic artist syndrome of putting down one's work before it is even created. I hate that! It's so frustrating! For each idea I think of my brain comes back with 50 reasons why it's awful and won't work before it even hits paper. Ugh...

I'm really interested in going to this quilting camp... 1. because this couple makes AMAZING quilts and 2. because the retreat focuses on design, not construction. I have a lot of ideas but I'm getting frustrated because I can't figure out an easy way to convert them to an actual pattern. Tiny graph paper is just not cutting it anymore. I did look online today for some quilting pattern software and found this program. Unfortunately it's $100 and I just don't feel like spending that much right now. Not to mention how much I've spent on other craft supplies that I haven't used yet. The other bad news is that the quilting camp is immediately following a friend's I'm not even sure if the timing is an option. I would probably miss the first day of the retreat. Not a good starting point.

I'm dreaming of buying a house and having a bigger art room that is all my own where I can create a felt wall to hang quilt pieces.

More inspiration... Hawaiian quilts.

Not only am I frustrated with myself for having no artistic confidence, I'm also frustrated with myself for not getting anything done! I've complained to Andrew about how I want him to give me more time alone in the apartment so I can work in my art room and get more done. He's been in NY alot recently for work, so I have the place to myself, but am I working.... no, I'm in front of the TV. It appears that my brain wanted one thing but my spirit wants something else entirely. When Andrew is not here I get lonely and sad and unmotivated. A compliment to Andrew I suppose but I wish I could get myself into the art room to work.

I just have to add how excited I am that Jay won Project Runway last night. His collection was fabulous! Modern design with traditional crafting. Almost every outfit incorporated quilting, applique or knitting! Love, Love, Loved it!!


chasmyn said...

I've been thinking quilting, too :) I checked out all these quilting books from the library because I so want to make a quilt - several quilts. And I have no idea how, I've never even tried.

You are so talented! Just make stuff. Don't guess if its good or bad - just make it. Like Bill says? Practice practice practice. It doesn;t always have to come out perfect, but the practice is what will help you learn what works and doesn;t work for you. You are so talented! Not everything has to be perfect. I bet even Bill turns out something he hates every now and again.

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