Monday, July 11, 2005

Garden of mud

Here is completed knitting project #2, another baby blanket but this time for my good friends in Seattle.
Pattern: Big Bad Baby Blanket; Stitch n' Bitch
Yarn: Baby Ull; 100% merino wool

And by special request for my mom (since she helped us do ALOT of work on the yard on the 4th of July) of the progress made on the backyard this weekend.


I ripped out the entire garden that the sellers left here (muddy looking area on the left). There were a zillion irises! I replanted a mixture of irises and day lilies along the back fence. Some ferns and hostas got moved under the tree to the right and Andrew tore out the rest of the plants and turned all the soil. Now it is covered with grass seed which is quickly being eaten by every bird in the neighborhood.


At the moment Hurricane Dennis is turning the backyard into a giant mud pit!! It won't stop raining! All this rain might be good for the grass seed but I think it is taking it's tool on some of my other plants...=(

Thanks Mom for this book and this book that you sent me in the mail, you rock!! I can't wait to read them.


chasmyn said...

The rains will be good, the plants will recover. From what I hear about the heat you NEED the rains!

Great work. And thank you so much for the baby blanket!!! Merino wool even! I promise to take good care of it :)

Peg said...

Wow! You even cleaned up the area on the right. Looks much better, it was very chaotic before. Have you decided where to move the Hydrangea?

CrabbyPants said...

Gardening Rules. I had so much fun outside with you this weekend!

Grow grass GROW!

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