Thursday, July 21, 2005

On the road again

[Mikaela, Kelly and Maggie; Renaissance Festival Sterling NY 2005]

I'm hitting the road again. This time up to my hometown of Buffalo to visit my two cutie nieces and the rest of my extended family. Be back on Tuesday.

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CrabbyPants said...

Bored, hot, dog. Bad combo. I ran to the store real quick at lunch today to find a pond in our breakfast nook when I got back. Not to incriminate the guilty party – but her nose was just as wet as the floor. Kula is now pimping on the back porch with the sprinkler running. I guess she does not need to try her paws at eating the water as she already cooled off inside.

Della is wandering around the house meowing. Its crazy.

Come home soon. I don’t know how to drive these insane animals.