Monday, August 08, 2005

Apply Yourself

[Mikaela; 22nd Annual Schrembs Family Pool Party, July 2005]

So I managed to apply for two jobs last Thursday. I was very proud of myself because the week before I was paralyzed with fear at even the thought of filling out an application. Now it's Monday and I'm paralyzed with fear that I haven't gotten a phone call yet. ACK! I need a job people! The more time that passes the more panicked I become....and the more fearful I am of having to get a job that I really hate out of desperation.

I'm trying to hold it together...really, I am.

My goal is to apply for at least three more jobs today. I just finished one application that I will drop off after work. I am going to finish another one online this afternoon and then stop at another store after work and hopefully pick up an application, fill it out and turn it in before I leave the parking lot.

Tomorrow will entail calling the temp agency I used to work for after the last job I quit and considering other places that I can apply. Ugh.... I knew this would be the most stressful part of this process. I should have started earlier.... It is really difficult to keep my spirits up at this point. I need to know that I will have income coming from somewhere!!!'s frustrating not knowing where. Worry, worry, worry....

Jen Gray keeps me going.


CrabbyPants said...

Why are you worried? We have a dog and a cat and a house - we are rich!

Enjoy this time - its what you've been waiting for!

Anonymous said...

Crabby Pants - well said! A roof over your head, some good friends and the rest of the stuff will happen.