Wednesday, August 03, 2005

chaise lounge chair

[by Julie Meredith, of]

I have a lot of design ideas that pass through my head from time to time but my mind usually criticizes them before they get very far. Yesterday, for the briefest moment standing in the shower I had the image of a chaise lounge chair in my head. Now I wasn't really sure why I was thinking of a chaise lounge chair in the shower but it seemed like an interesting idea for a brief moment. But a second later it seemed like a ridiculous idea. Who would want to look at a picture, painting or card with a crappy, cheap chaise lounge chair on it? What would be the point? How silly of me. I must suck at design.

Do you know what I found that afternoon? A card with a picture of a crappy, cheap chaise lounge chair on it. So the good news is....not all of my ideas suck...and maybe I can design something. The bad news is....someone beat me too it (my mind's other reasoning for never wanting to try anything...someone must have done it already, and done it better than I could).

How bizarre though....this episode with the lounge chair. Is this a sign from the universe? A sign for what exactly? That I suck, or that I don't suck... Or that maybe there is at least some hope that I won't suck at design. Maybe a sign that I need to trust my instincts? Or a sign of congratulations for trusting my instincts and taking a step in the right direction?

I suppose I'll never know.

I'm still feeling happy and excited this week, although things have gotten busy. Lots of filling out job applications (but not really submitting them), knitting baby blankets, measuring chairs for slipcovers... Too much to do. I hope I can give you some more home improvement shots soon. Stick with me.... have a seat on the chaise lounge chair.


Anonymous said...

Even if you have an original idea, somone will copy it right away, what's more important is that you're good and yours is different. Follow your instincts, do what comes naturally. And if God was nice enough to give you a gift - it will flourish.

Just do it - the rest of the world will decide if you're average, good or great. Your job is to listen to your gut and do it!!

chasmyn said...

Don't listen to your head!!! It only wants to sabotage you. Take any and all ideas you have an enact them anyway. Worry about the suck factor AFTER you've initiated them. Michael Jordan missed more baskets than he hit, you know. You HAVE to make mistakes in order to get to the masterpiece, Sara. You have to stop thinking that EVERY SINGLE thing you do HAS to be erfect. Just DO them, and decide after if they are usable or not. If nothing else it gives you the practice and a feel for your own style, and you need that.

I love you! You are a very talented and wonderful designer. Seems the rest of us already know that - ask anyone that's seen any of your work - it's only YOU that has to accept it.

And yes, I feel I have a right to offer this coaching because my head works in exactly the same way. Don't listen to your head!!!

we are our own worst critics. Emphasis on worst. :)

Lynn said...

The bathroom looks great - I really, really love it! Now that is something you should market. No wonder you didn't have time to post all week.

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