Monday, August 15, 2005


Well, that must have been the fastest week of my life! Time flies when you are quitting your job, looking for a new job, saying goodbye to friends and celebrating change.

Thanks to everyone at my old corporate job! For all the complaining I did over the years I really did work with the NICEST people and I was very lucky. They took me to an awesome lunch on Friday and presented me with lots of school goodies! Notebooks, paper, pens, crayons and such. So cute! Everyone also had such kind, supportive things to say about my big decision to go back to school. I really appreciated everyone's good wishes. Thank you!

Last week I was also busy finishing our linen closet in our guest bedroom (because Andrew's parents were arriving on Friday). I added more shelves made out of scrap wood I found in tha basement and I also added doors. Here is a before and after shot.


Andrew's parents arrived on Friday afternoon and kindly waited for me to race home so I could be there to show them our little pride and joy.

THANK YOU SO MUCH MARK AND LYNN!! Andrew's dad did an AMAZING amount of work on the house.

Securing our floor joists, securing the cement under our fireplace, fixing our bathroom sink, installing a new light fixture. We had MANY trips to Home Depot. Too many trips! Poor Lynn was stuck comforting Kula from the big storms we had and I forced her to watch multiple episodes of Debbie Travis.


It wasn't all work and no play however. We introduced Andrew's parents to our neighborhood pizza joint, had a fun trip to St. Charles and Lynn brought me some great old photos of Andrew's family to scan into my computer.

Andrew and I had a lot of fun and were very sad to see his parents go.
Thanks again Mark and Lynn! We miss you!


Lynn said...

Sara, we arrived home today at about 3. Boy did we drive through some storms in Illnois last evening. Mark kept looking out the window of the car and saying this doesn't look good. I was waiting for a tornado to drop out of the sky any minute. The "tank" did super well in all that rain and wind. Mark got a voicemail right after we left your place that one of his customers have developed a leak in their livingroom (it rained 3 inches in 1 hour in Charlotte) so he was really upset about that situation. He dealt with it all day long on the drive home - never a vacation.

We really enjoyed ourselves. Your house has a lot of potential and I am sure as time goes on you and Andrew will decide just what to do with it. You both need to have confidence in your decision to buy - you just can't go wrong. As time goes by and you make some of your planned improvements it will be really great.

We enjoyed meeting Steph and Bob. They seemed really nice. Wish I was as carefree as they seem to be.

Wish we had more time to visit, but getting Mark to take even a day and a half is like pulling teeth. He enjoyed working with Andrew and you. Now that his old superindendent is coming back to work, perhaps we will have more time to get away.

Thanks again for sharing your new home with us. You two seem really happy together and that makes me very glad!

Anonymous said...

Now if that doesn't give you a warm fuzzy feeling.... what does? You all got some nice support from friends and family - enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Dear Sara,

I am glad that you are enjoying your college work. You sound soooooooo excited.

I love what you did with the bathroom down stairs. I can quite figure out how it was done. When we see you next I'd love to hear about it and your classes.

No need to reply. I know that you are busy.

Please give my wonderful nephew a hug for me.
Love, Aunt Ruthie