Sunday, August 07, 2005

Kate Spade

This is what I got for devoting 5 years of my life to corporate america...


A nylon Kate Spade handbag.

It was kind of funny really. My five year anniversary was July 31 and I resigned August 1. My boss sent out two emails within two hours, one saying congratulations and the other saying good-bye. (I made sure to pick out my handbag before I handed in the resignation letter.)

Since I didn't need a grill, silverware, an alarm clock, stereo or camping equipment the only thing left was this handbag. It came in a fancy green box with a white cloth bag to put the handbag in! This must be some important handbag I've never had a bag for a bag! And I'm not quite sure what all the fuss is about over a nylon bag...but I suppose it felt nice and fancy anyway.

I actually really love bags (ask my mother). For WEEKS I have been dreaming of two vintage clutches at my favorite antique mall. One white, beaded crocheted, and the other black crocheted. My only dilemma was spending $40 for them. Then Saturday night Andrew and I stopped at the vintage store down the street from our house and I found these two bags.


The black one is almost IDENTICAL to the one I was dreaming for. A little smaller and without a side panel but otherwise the same. Here is a close up of the black bag.


The white one is nothing like my dream clutch but it had a fancy clasp and a sweet little chain handle. Both of these purses would only cost me half of the dream purses. After some deliberation I went for it.

Lo and behold...the universe doesn't like me. I go to that antique mall today...and gosh darn'it the dream purses are 50% off!!! ACK! It was tough to recover from...but I'll have to live with what I got. Is the universe trying to teach me a lesson to be patient? Or a lesson on being happy with what I already have? Probably both I'm assuming but I sure do miss my little white beaded clutch....


Peg said...

Kate Spade is a famous handbag designer! I have one of her bags - it's a knockoff of course - couldn't afford the real thing. I like the green box!

Anonymous said...

The lesson is smile, laugh, hug lots of people - it just doesn't matter. Its all about the journey, not a place or the toys we buy. Its a lesson I need to be reminded of - almost every day. But then I smile and remind myself - dam life is good.

Anonymous said...

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