Tuesday, January 10, 2006

2006, Week 1

[Dad and Me, Tower Grove Park 2006]

I can't believe a week of 2006 has already come and gone!

So far in 2006:
  • I painted my bedroom (I will post pictures of the bedroom later today...I'm waiting for my camera battery to recharge. )
  • Repainted the kitchen
  • Got a new cell phone (dropped mine in the basement and the screen on the phone went kaput. =(
  • Entertained my Dad and his wife Ann with dinner, the zoo and the art museum (Thanks for visiting Dad! It was good to spend time with you.)
This week:
  • I had lunch with old co-workers from my former corporate job
  • I got my new parallel rule for my drafting table at home (Thanks MOM!!)
  • Running lots of errands and getting ready for school
  • Getting the house ready for more visitors....Can't wait to meet you DK!

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