Wednesday, January 11, 2006


I'm feeling yuck... sore throat, heavy head... Maybe it's stress... worrying about not having a job.

Here's the bedroom:

Before: "Baby Pink" (old owners)

After: "Rainwashed" (Sherwin Williams)

Still trying to decide on what to do with the headboard, new bedding, window treatments, etc. More updates to come in the future.


chasmyn said...

I love your bedspread :)

Hey, can I ask you a possible favor?

I made a quilt for Kier while I was pregnant, but I need someone to do the actual quilting for me, as I have no idea when I could possibly get to it.

The layers are already basted together and everything. Would you be up for it? It's okay if you're too busy, I just had to ask.

Anonymous said...

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