Sunday, January 15, 2006



Listen up people, DK is in the house! (that's him on the right)

Dave Koon that is, one of Andrew's bestest friends from NYC and the infamous culinary student that we've been bragging about to our friends for the last 2 years. He just finished school and came to drop us a visit.

We've got some more bragging to do though. DK recently got a job at the new Morimoto restaurant opening up in NYC. Morimoto is a famous Japanese chef from the show Iron Chef that Andrew and I love to watch on the Food Network.

Of course Andrew and I decided to "gently encourage" (a.k.a. force) DK to cook for us. (how often do you get a gourmet cook in town?) I didn't really have any expectations for the meal but it was WAY BEYOND what I could have imagined. We are talking about a three course meal that was plated so beautifully I didn't want to eat it! And it tasted even better than it looked!! It was totally gourmet and fabulous!

Course #1

Course #2

Course #3

Andew and I are feeling guilty for working DK so hard in the kitchen during his short lived "vacation" to the midwest. We are trying to think of some way to repay him for such an incredible meal but have yet to come up with a good idea. And to make matters worse I think I may have given DK my cold =(.

Thanks DK!!! For an awesome and outstanding meal, but also for coming to visit us in St. Louis. It's been a long time since I've seen Andrew so happy and excited. It meant a lot to have a friend willing to come all this way to see him. You aren't nearly as quiet and scary as Andrew made you sound. =) I hope you come back to visit us again or I hope we make it to NY to see you soon. Go teach Morimoto a thing or two about cooking! Good Luck!

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