Monday, June 26, 2006


So you all know I was joking on that last post....right? I'm not a Hello Kitty or Precious Moments kind of girl.

I think one of these dresses is more my style, except the fact that they cost between $2,000 and $10,000.

I am actually going to try on another dress this evening at Neiman Marcus. I found it on their website and they don't actually carry it in the store but they happened to have one that was returned. It's a size 8...which might be too big but I'm hoping to just get an idea of whether I like it or hate it.

I think Andrew and I have decided on the locations for the ceremony and reception. We are acutally about to go over to our choice for the ceremony to see if we can talk to someone. Once we have a date for the ceremony we will contact the reception location. Hopefully everyone has the same date available.

I'm getting closer to deciding on the invitations. I think I've decided to order the paper from Paper Source but I'm still deciding on the exact design.

I ordered three more milkglass vases from ebay this weekend. That gives me a total of 7. I think I will need 3-4 more.

Well keep your fingers crossed. I'm going to go try and pick a date.

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Peg said...

I have some milk glass vases so don't buy more!