Thursday, June 29, 2006

Color Theory

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Well if anyone has taken the time to look at all of my links over on the right ---->
you would know that I am a bit obsessive about reading design blogs. It's my own little world that I live in and love. I go through withdrawal without I'm sorry to say, Andrew's family witnessed when I was in North Carolina this year.

One of my favorites is Decor8. The other day I sent Ms. Holly an email to ask her some questions about one of her posts on color theory. Low and behold she asked me if she could create a thread out of my question!

Here is my design blog debut!!

The information Holly provided was awesome and so totally helpful. I should ask questions more often. There is so much to learn!!! and so much confidence to be gained. I am thankful that people like Holly take the time and energy to share what they know. Thank you Holly!

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