Saturday, July 07, 2007

Honeymoon Part 1

Our honeymoon was a road trip...from Chattanooga Tennessee, to St. Augustine Florida, to Gulf Shores Alabama, back to Chattanooga Tennessee and then home to St. Louis.

We picked a road trip honeymoon for a few reasons.
1) it was cheaper than flying
2) we couldn't afford Hawaii
3) we like to go antiquing and we wanted to be able bring stuff home with us.

The honeymoon turned out GREAT! It was everything we were looking for, beach time, relaxation, shopping, site seeing and good food.

The real start to the honeymoon was in St. Augustine. We stayed at a Bed and Breakfast called Our House of St. Augustine. It was absolutely perfect!

Our host was Dave and he was wonderful. The breakfast was gourmet and our room was totally comfortable. It couldn't have been in a better location. All the antique shops were at the corner of our street and we were within walking distance of the center of town.

In Gulf Shores we stayed at another B&B called The Beach House. It was in a nice and secluded part of the town, right on the sand dunes. We did more shopping and did a lot of sitting on the beach and in hammocks.

Our honeymoon ended with a visit back to Chattanooga. We liked it so much on our brief stop at the beginning of the honeymoon that we headed back. We stayed at yet another B&B, The Mayor's House Inn. Chattanooga is a lovely city. It's very clean, pretty and people were very friendly. I could definitely live there.

Now we are home and trying to get the house back in order after throwing a wedding and being gone for 9 days. It's nice to be back but we are trying to keep the vacation attitude as long as we can. More to follow soon.

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Anonymous said...

Dam - now that was a great event and a great honeymoon. This is your dad with a big smile on his face (its been there since the wedding) and I'm just thrilled for the two of you.

PS: Over time, I will ask you for advice on eating. Sounds like a good strategy for us...