Thursday, July 26, 2007

Buying Used

I found a great blog this morning over at Apartment Therapy:Green (which I highly recommend as a daily read!). The post is about compact fluorescent light bulbs. You have to read the comments though because that's where most of the good info is...learning from others knowledge and experience. Here's another good one on the same topic.

I also liked this one about the benefits of buying used furniture. "Buying used not only reduces demand for raw materials, it also cuts down on the energy costs associated with production and transportation." Andrew and I actually buy a lot of "used" (I like to say "vintage") furniture. Mostly because we like how it looks but it is a great way to "Reuse" instead of consuming resources.

Speaking of used furniture here are some recent purchases we have made....

Vintage Lane coffee table, from TFA Warehouse

Look at the detail!

Vintage mirror for foyer, from Blend

Mirror frame detail

Vintage EAT! sign from TFA Warehouse...
Andrew wants to use it to serve chips and dip!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sara! I love all the pictures you include on your blog. You & Andrew have a lovely home! :) I also enjoy reading about what's going on in your life. The dreadful job search process is the worst...but you are remarkably talented & this frustrating time is only temporary. Hang in there! Amy P.