Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Practice Unbending Intent

"When you practice unbending intent, you match up with the intent of the all-creative universal mind. So keep a solid picture of the task you want to accomplish in your mind, and refuse to let that intention disappear."

~Dr. Wayne Dyer, The Power of Intention Cards


I haven't had a job since May 23...

It's been two months...

The first month was a blessing in disguise because it gave me time to finish pulling together my wedding, having a wedding and going on a honeymoon without any distractions (except of course...being unemployed...). And it was a very nice month indeed.

This second month has been a tad more difficult. I am not good at looking for jobs. Or rather, I should say, that I just really HATE and LOATH looking for jobs. Everyday is a struggle for me and while I do get to enjoy some of this great time off, I spend most of my time worrying, feeling guilty and generally freaking out. I have never wanted to go to work so bad in my entire life.

Now, you have to remember that I have been waiting to start this career for about 8 years.... That is a long time coming....and I am ready to start!

I am keeping a solid (or maybe the texture of silken tofu) picture of the task I want to accomplish (job offer!) in my mind.... and I am trying my hardest not to let that intention disappear.

Anyone else who has some spare room in their mind to keep a solid picture of my intention, it would be greatly appreciated.

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Anonymous said...

Unless you currently have a good job and your objective is to find one a little better - the process of finding employment sucks!

No matter how hard you try - other people have control of your destiny. And there is no middle ground - its either yes, or no. and that's demoralizing....

BUT, hopefully it is a short-term challenge and there's light at the end of the tunnel. With support from your friends (Andrew that's you), you can get through this and a more stable environment will follow. Hang tough!!! Love Dad