Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Making Cheese (and another soap box...)

In continuing with our new found inspiration from Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, Andrew and I attended a cheese making class on Sunday. It was also to celebrate my Matron of Honor's birthday. (Friends who make cheese together, stay together!)

It was a very interesting afternoon. One, because it seemed relatively easy and fast. Two, because Millie the dog was adorable. Three, because our teacher was very cool. She really loves her goats and really loves making cheese. She also has pretty strong opinions about processed dairy products. Her family has goats, chickens and quite a large garden. She is living the farm life in the suburbs of St. Louis.

Warning... Soap Box ahead.....

You also may have noticed that I added a link to Michael Moore's new film Sicko, over to the right. Andrew and I saw this movie last week and it was very good. Sad, infuriating, funny and scary. By the end I was ready to move to France. I realize that some may think Moore's movies are full of bias.... but I find it hard to argue with Americans who have experienced the horrors of Health Insurance Companies first hand... to the point of losing their loved ones. It is maddening to know that our congressmen continue to use fear to keep the American public from demanding a better system. I just hope that one day I don't lose a friend or family member because a health insurance reviewer was trying to meet their quota for "denials" that month.

Ok, enough soap box..... just see the movie and decide for yourself.


shaili said...

Glad to see the updates. We had a fantastic time at your wedding. What a great celebration. Glad to hear the tidbits about your trip and the review of Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. I've been hearing good things about that book - but have yet to read, I'll reserve it at the library today! I'll also add some recommendations in a similar vain - Real Food, what to eat and why by by Nina Planck and the Omnivore's Dilema by Michael Pollan. Both good styles, interesting content - and definately feed into the theme of health care issues from a different angle.

Happy biking!

David said...

We loved the class also - she has inspired us to start our own urban farm of sorts (planning in-progress). We also buy most of our goat milk from her.

P.S. Glad that you're back from your trip! Looking forward to reconnecting next weekend, hopefully.