Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Circular Logic

Photo from House & Garden

I am SOOO in love with this picture. I first saw it when I was quickly thumbing through the latest issue of House and Garden at the grocery store on Monday. Then I stumbled upon it yesterday while doing my blog roll. Turns out the interior design is by Thom Filicia (of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy fame...AND a graduate of Syracuse University, close to my home town). I should have known... I have always really admired his work.

Being stuck in my house looking for a job has really given me decorating fever. I have several projects floating through my head at the moment but it looks like I'm going to start with my room/office/studio. I made the mistake of mentioning to Andrew that I wanted to fix it up and being the awesome husband that he is...he immediately drove me to Lowe's to start the process.
I have already made a mental note to make sure to take before and after photos. I'm taking my inspiration from a layout in Blueprint magazine from last fall.

Stay tuned!

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chasmyn said...

So how fun is it to write the sentence, "Being the awesome husband he is...."?

It put a big grin on my face. :D