Sunday, May 15, 2005

12 Days!

[Andrew and Della]

until we get the house!!! Andrew will be gone for the next 4 days.... =( He is in Providence for work. But then we get to take a vacation together. My first since Christmas!! I can't wait!!! Friday Andrew and I head to Wisconsin for a long weekend of deep relaxation. We get back Monday and then it is only 3 days until we close on the house!!! I am so excited and nervous I don't know what to do with myself. Andrew has also been suffering from awful cabin fever...we are both so ready to just get on with the rest of our a house!

Today I think I am going to do lots of house dreaming.... I might even create some storyboards for some of the rooms in the house. We'll see if I get that motivated.

Yesterday I visited my favorite home boutique and tried to schmoooze the owner so that when I come back and beg her for a job someday she remembers me as friendly and outgoing. Her store is SO adorable and has the best atmosphere. If only I can make my house feel that good.

I found a new blog I am in love with, Crazy Aunt Purl. This girl is definitely up there on the entertaining scale with Dooce. Love, love, love her. I have found myself craving more knitting blogs these days. As I get ready to finish my second project I am excited about starting a new pattern and it seems the best way to find cool patterns is from other knitters. In fact I think today I might go looking for a new knitting book that I've read about on so other blogs.

I miss you Andrew!!

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Andrew said...

Hi Sweetie -

Della sure is a sucker for the love, and thats some turkey neck I have going. Word to people traveling on business to Rhode Island...If corporate travel gives you the choice of the Providence Crown Plaza or "other"...take your chance with "other". This place is for the proverbial birds. xxoo