Thursday, May 26, 2005

It's Time!!

[Andrew's moving truck, Fall 2003]

It's time!!! Tomorrow at 9 am Andrew and I will spend an hour signing our names over and over and at the end they will give us a key to a house!!

Tonight we went to the house for our final walk through. It was so weird to see it empty!!! It was kind of sad. I really liked the way the previous owners had decorated the house and it felt alot colder without any stuff in it.

I also noticed a thousand more projects I want to do!! Wow...I am going to have to learn really quickly how to pace myself and my bank account. So much to do!

I'm not even sure I will be able to sleep tonight...I am so scared and excited about going back to the house tomorrow! I can' believe I own something so big and complicated!!


It's been a rough week back to reality from the very peaceful Little Sugar River Farm. Kula came back from the kennel with a nasty rash on her back and acting really weird. She had the saddest face I've ever seen. She wouldn't eat, play, or get out of her crate. All she did was drink a ton of water.....and then Tuesday night about 1 am she peed all over the living room floor..... and then did it again Wednesday morning. Turns out she came home with a urinary track infection. =( I'm not sure if she just caught it out of stress....or if there was something about the kennel.....but between a rash and an infection I'm not sure we will be taking back there again. This is stressful because we are running out of kennel options. We've elimated 2 now that sent her home sick. I already felt guilty enough about boarding I feel even worse.

Work has been stressful too. New cube.... However one really awesome thing did happen at work this week. My coworkers surprised me with a Happy Housewarming card and a gift certificate to Home Depot!! They totally got me... I had no idea! I almost cried. =)

I will try to keep posting regularly...but my attention will be diverted to the house. I plan on taking tons of "Before" pictures....and hopefully lots of beautiful "After" pictures fairly quickly. However, there will be a week where I will be without an internet connection so please bare with me while we get the new place up and running.

Wish us luck!!

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chasmyn said...

Congratulations on the house!!! Woohoo!!! Poor Kula - maybe you could pay a person to care for her when you're gone? I have a friend in St. Louis who is amazing with animals, she might be up for it.