Thursday, May 12, 2005

Clover, no clover?

Ok, here you go. The finished green collage. I'm giving it to you 2 tell me which one you like better. The original idea was to do a series of the clovers but I think I might like it better on it's own.


And here is another to make up for being a day late.


Lucy Tartan said...

I think it's nice as it is - but if you put this one clover-shaped next to the one you made earlier, does that sway you at all?

I'm enjoying the collages. This and the previous one really show how much you're thinking like a quilt artist!

Peg said...

I think I like it on it's own. Have you thought about using pictures of Kula and Della in your collages?

chasmyn said...

I like it on its own. I DO like the clover but it seems to me to be a much stronger piece on its own.

Anonymous said...

That dog flipps me out baby.