Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Security system = big yellow dog

[niece Maggie, mother's day 2005]

Here we are again....Collage Wednesday and no collage. Last night I actually did finish the collage I started last week....but I'm too lazy to take a picture of it. It's already dark and I know the picture will come out awful.

It was kind of a hairy evening... I came home from work and had 10 minutes before the security system salesman showed up to talk to us. Then Andrew had to let Kula out of her crate so she could bark aggressively in the the security salesman's face.... (did I mention this dog will be the death of me?) Thank God she just growled/barked and didn't bite!

It wasn't until 7:15 that I finally got to take Kula for a walk and it wasn't until 7:30 that I finally got to make myself dinner. Then on top of it all Andrew is sick with a spring cold and needs some extra love and attention.

Meeting with a security salesman is interesting.... hearing all of his horror stories and scary scenarios and trying not to panic! I hope all of this fancy technology actually gives me peace of mind when I'm in the house.

Sorry for the hodge podge post.... Emotions are running high these days and it's a bit exhausting. Mother's day always makes me home sick....hence the picture of my niece Maggie.... I hope I get to see everyone soon. =(

16 days until we close on the house!!

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Anonymous said...

That is one cute kid!