Monday, May 02, 2005

Introductory batiking


Sunday was my very first attempt at batiking! I started gathering the various supplies over 3 years ago! Good Gracious! I started by buying several colors of RIT dye. Then last summer I started buying vintage linen napkins and last fall I purchased a electric skillet off of eBay. It all came together on Sunday and I was so excited!

Things I learned:
1. watch out for drips. Always give your stamping item a good shake before taking it over your fabric.
2. don't dye too many pieces at once. I put four napkins in the bucket at once and they didn't come out nearly as well as when I only put two napkins in the bucket.

I'm a little nervous about removing the wax with a hot iron because when I tried to do this for some of the drips I seemed to just spread the wax out rather than really lifting it. I really need to read my batiking book but it's already packed and I don't know which box to look in! Damn this move! I'm trying to keep in mind that it is only the first it can only get better, right?

Here they are in progress...


Oh, sad, sad looking napkin. I hope a good washing and ironing will improve things....

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alex said...

I love the picture of is timeless.....a woman at work ensconced in her project. So few people make the time to do what you do (me :)and I think it is great that you do.

What I find pleasant about all that you do is you will have something to pass along to your grandkids..history in the making.