Friday, July 07, 2006


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Well I think I have had more visitors this summer than I have the entire 8 years I've lived in Missouri. It's amazing what having a house and a guest room will do! It's been wonderful to see so many people but also very busy!!

After my family left my friend Arnaud from Belgium (see above) was in town and hung out with us a couple evenings. He also brought us a FABULOUS bottle of REAL french champagne for our engagement. We love you Arnaud!

Then it was the Marconi brothers on their way from NYC to LA. Unfortunately I was so excited to hear authentic NY accents that I forgot to take any pictures...=(

Then this week my long lost cousin Corey stopped in. I had not seen Corey in 10 the day!! It was awesome to see her!! She has my dream job as a theatre technician doing electrical work and carpentry. I can't wait to visit her in NYC.

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Anonymous said...

I think its nice to have some roots. Some tradition. Some family connections - the bigger picture. Just feels right...