Thursday, January 27, 2005

Sick Pets...Part 2


So it just doesn't end....with the animals. Really, who needs children when you have a dog and a cat?

Like Della, Kula has been going through her own health issues...hmm...let's see....probably since the day I got her! (really should be paying dog support...she was your idea...) I swear I am taking this dog to the Vet every other week. They know her by name now. We joke with Dr. Holt about how I should just get a job there because I'm there all the time anyway.

About 2 years ago Kula was having lots of problems with IBS..Irritable Bowel Syndrome (a.k.a. diarrhea). I mean, come-home-from-work-and-kitchen-floor-covered diarrhea. It was not pretty. After lots of begging and pleading with the Vet to actually think of a solution instead of just giving her pills they suggested changing her food. We started her on Science Diet Sensitive Stomach and lo and behold it worked! Kula was IBS free for almost 2 years! Then....the peeing started....

Late last year we would go to get into bed and there would be a big wetspot on our bed... (I think we have dry cleaned the down comforter 3 times now...) Then there was one in the armchair...and then one on Kula's own bed. These wet spots kept appearing so back to the Vet we went.... Turns out she had crystals in her urine. A sign of worse things to come if we didn't increase her pH. First we tried Urinary track infection antibiotics....then we tried incontinence pills crushed on top of her food.... then we tried changing her to prescription dog food AND incontinence pills. She has been on the new food for about a month....and so far so good.... Until today.

The diarrhea is back, which is what I feared the most. Thank God Andrew was home today to let her outside. But now I am a total mess at work...wondering what will come next. Are there other prescription foods to try? Are they more expensive? Will I have to learn how to make home cooked meals for my dog when I can't even cook for myself!? What else is going to go wrong with this dog!? It's kind of ironic really.....Kula's sensitive stomach...Andrew's sensitive stomach..... My bladder problems...Kula's bladder problems... This dog seems to pick up the sickness of anyone around her.

So I will head home tonight and take a urine sample from my dog to test her pH...and then I will call the Vet and tell her the bad news... Let's see if she says, "let's throw out that 60 dollar bag of dog food you just bought and try an 80 dollar brand." You are lucky you are so cute Kula....very lucky. (Tony..I will take checks..)

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