Thursday, June 02, 2005

2 days and counting

I had every intention of writing something wonderful last night but it turns out that they turned off our internet connection a little sooner than we were expecting. So, it looks like a won't be posting for a bit...hopefully not too long.

Things are going well. Andrew has had extraordinary amounts of energy and has been carting stuff down to the house every evening. I have been busy packing up the rest of the apartment and the stuff never seems to end!! We are both tired but excited.

Keep your fingers crossed that it does not rain on Saturday. Lots of our very wonderful friends will be coming to help us move all of our belongings and Saturday night will be our first official night sleeping in the new house.

I promise I will take lots of pictures and post as soon as I can!


Peg said...

I'm looking forward to more pictures!

chasmyn said...

No rain!!! Clear skies! Although now it's Sunday, so I'm a bbit late. Hope all went well and stayed clear.

Anonymous said...

Wow - do you know a good chiropractor? Now you have a little computer space, room for some arts & crafts - enjoy!!