Sunday, June 19, 2005

Mr. and Mrs. Parker


Congratulations Leigh and John!!
What a gorgeous, GORGEOUS Day! 83 degrees, sunny, light breeze, low humidity. I love Missouri in June! The wedding was a blast! Here are some more snapshots:

[That's me on the far left, Michele, Leigh (the bride), Bridget and Rachel]

[Here are the groomsmen: Matt and my cutie pa-tootie Andrew]

[Here is a polarid of me and Andrew that was for the wedding guest book. For some reason Andrew and I are awful at managing to get our picture taken together. We've been dating for over 2 years and I swear we have like 3 pictures of us together!! Hopefully the one the wedding photographer took will come out well and we can get a copy. ]


Peg said...

After all the stressing, it seems like everything turned out well. You were smiling! Next time I see you and Andrew I'll take lots of pictures of you together!

chasmyn said...

You both look smashing!

Frank Shabobo said...

The picture looks a little blurry in my browser. What is it that Andrew is grabbing with his left hand.