Thursday, June 23, 2005

The mysterious leaking dishwasher

This morning I walked downstairs and noticed an odd puddle of water on the kitchen floor. I commented to Andrew, "Where did this come from?", to which he quickly answered, "I don't know." Neither of us thought much of it because Kula has to be one of the sloppiest water drinking dogs I've ever met. She leaves trails of water throughout the kitchen on a daily basis, so I got a towel and wiped it up.

But then this evening as I was putting away my dinner dishes into the dishwasher I noticed it still looked wet around the baseboard of the cabinets.... and after further investigation I decided to take off the front panel of the dishwasher. Lo and behold there is another odd puddle.... and I can not for the life of me figure out where it came from??

The water valve is close to the puddle area....however the shape of the puddle does not seem to jive with the location of the valve. Needless to say I mopped up the water with some paper towels... but when I came back an hour later the puddle seemed "wet" again??? Where the hell is it coming from!!!???

I wanted to call this entry "The Money Pit" but I didn't have it in me. Somehow, deep down, I know that something much worse will rear it's ugly head some day (hopefully not soon!) and I'll need that entry title to really carry it's weight. Not to mention that just the thought of the words "the Money Pit" makes me want to cry after a week of silverfish, roaches, melted vinyl siding (I'll save that one for another day) and now a mysterious puddle.

In more interesting news I received one of the two rugs I ordered the other day. Take a look.

I'm not sure if I like it....??? I think it will look better once the walls are painted blue....but is it too busy?? Too light colored?? I got it from West Elm. It is the bi-colored jute. Guess I'll hold on to it until I paint and get the couch so I can get a real feel for it.

I added the second coat of joint compound tonight. Sorry, no pictures, it wasn't nearly as exciting or fun this time. It was much harder to gauge the thickness this time, I think I put it on too thin... and I kept getting dried chips from the other day in the plaster somehow and then it would dig groves into the compound! What a mess. Coat number three, the final coat, will be Saturday morning.


chasmyn said...

From the photo it sort of looks like it is dripping from above, in the middle there? Is it possible to get a head under there to see? It looks like a tiny space. Just thought I'd comment :)

alex said...

I forgot to mention that in between coats you need to sand with a special is a long handled tool you can buy in the drywall has a square piece on the end that you can attach what looks like a screen to it. Run this over the wall after each coat of drywall. Then you will be able to see where the coats need to go a little better. I am very curious to hear about the melted siding? Wow!

Appleboy said...

I'd pull the dishwasher out and check the connections and things of that nature. We had a leak with our dishwasher and I think it turned out to be a bad washer in the connection. Sometime things like this are easy fixes. Unfortunately most of the time they are expensive. You never know when you might get lucky and it's just a small fix.