Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The magic of joint compound

Exhibit A: Textured plaster above my living room fireplace. Yuck..I hate it. I spent several days researching online and offline about how to get rid of it.


Exhibit B: Me spreading drywall joint compound over textured plaster.

Exhibit C: The finished first coat of joint compound above my living room fireplace. Go me!! I know it doesn't look that smooth in the close-up, but's my first time! Not only that but after a little wet sanding this morning it looked much better. Tomorrow night is coat number 2 and hopefully this weekend....coat number 3, the final coat! Stay tuned!



CrabbyPants said...

My arm looks totally ripped in that picture. All the 12 oz curls are paying off....sweet.

shaili said...

Joint compound and drywalling are Keith's favorites. I'll have to make sure he know you've joined the joint compound club...

Peg said...

Looks good so far, but I hate sanding. I'll do painting but not sanding.