Sunday, June 12, 2005

Before & After

I'm back online!!! (a big thank you to Andrew's brother Matt.... who assisted us over the phone from a beach in North Carolina) Oh how I've missed you blogger!

A super BIG thank you to our friend Alex who gave us the most valuable advice this morning. She told us to immediately go home and unpack everything, empty all the boxes and put things away. Then pick only one room at a time to renovate. Stay focused on that one room! Do not stray or else you will end up in a very dark and dreary place where you are yelling at each other over who got plaster in the bed.

We followed Alex's advice and I feel 1000% better! I was so overwhelmed this morning I was having a panic attack. But now the place feels so much more homey and functional and I am feeling way more positive and optimistic. Alex, you rock!

When I downloaded my pictures from the camera tonight it said I had 91 photos! Holy cow! It's already pretty late tonight so I don't have time to start from the beginning but I know everyone is dying to see photos of the house so I will start with what I think is most interesting.

Here is a before and after of the kitchen. It is the only room we have painted so far. (This is going so much slower than I imagined!)

Here is a before and after picture of the living room. The before is the seller's picture, the after is a picture I took tonight.

Check out the bounty from my hydragena bushes! (people pay $3.99 a stem for these at whole foods!) And the doggie was my purchase today from our weekly antique run.

Evidence of Sara's green thumb.... Andrew and I got 2 of these flower pots at Crate and Barrel last night and I courageously planted both a perenial and some annuals in the same pot... I have no idea what happens once winter comes but for now I think they look pretty good.


Peg said...

The flowers look beautiful! Can't wait to see the house.

chasmyn said...

I love the house photos!!! And that is the best advice, one room at a time. That way it isn't overwhelming.

The house looks great.