Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Hi, my name is Sara and I have no closets.

Sorry everyone! I know you are dying for pictures but the cableman stood Andrew up yesterday. =( He isn't coming back until Saturday! Actually....I'm already getting used to not having the TV around...and I kind of like it. =)

Yesterday the security system was set up and the fridge was finally hooked up with water! Now Andrew has all the filtered water in the fridge door that he could possibly want.

If you happen to be shopping for a house of your own soon....here are some things to ask yourself (especially if you are buying an older home.....(my "new" house is 97 years old)):
1. Do you like going up and down stairs?
2. Do you like closet space?
3. How many outlets are in each room and hallway?
4. Where are the light switches and what do they turn on?
5. How wide is the vanity sink in the bathroom?
6. Do you like having level floors?

These are all things I didn't think about when looking for a house but have become enormously bothersome to me in 3 short days.

Some things I enjoy that I didn't expect:
1. The large picture window in the living room.
2. The thought of having a living room without a TV
3. The fireplace mantle.

The house is still a disaster area. I have a feeling it is going to take quite awhile to get things organized. The lack of storage means having to be really creative and that takes time. We haven't even moved everything yet. Our pantry of food is still at the apartment!

Hopefully I'll be able to post pictures on Saturday. Until then send me good thoughts of fabulous organization and storage solutions.


Peg said...

Do you like going up and down the stairs? I miss not having a banister! I can relate to the lack of closet space that's why I have lots of clothes hanging from my doors - ugh!

Sara said...

Actually, at the moment I HATE going up and down the stairs! I thought I would like it, since that is what I grew up with...but mostly I'm just tired of forgetting stuff and having to go up and down....up and down... The hating of the stairs is tied to the non existent closets on the first floor because it means everything is either stored upstairs or in the basement...so everytime I need something it involves stairs! I guess maybe I'll get some nice looking legs out of it?

shaili said...

The beauty of older homes. We have some friends that moved into a house where the floors were so sloped the 3 year old learned that you could push a car and it would come back to you. The also had to completely shim their speakers so they wouldn't fall over. You've got the charms of older homes in a nutshell! bookshelves, baskets, and then there's the option of just getting rid of stuff. I had to laugh about the outlets. The light switches are random in our house and the outlets too.